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ESG, New Plastics Economy, circular economy and sustainability in the plastics sector.

The third edition of the largest Brazilian event dedicated to technical knowledge in the plastics recycling segment continues to promote the concept of circularity and sustainability in the plastics chain.

These actions are now part of the environmental, social and governance practices of many companies, also known by ESG (for Environmental, Social and Governance), which directly involve the activities of the plastics recycling industry.

The event's program is designed to bring together specialists in the most advanced technologies for the recovery of polymeric materials, aiming to promote the inclusion of companies in the sector in the Global Commitment of the New Plastics Economy, a report made by the World Economic Forum and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. , according to which plastics never become waste, but new raw materials whose use and recovery promote a systemic shift towards the circular economy.

In the first edition, in 2019, the event showed how much the plastic materials production and recovery chain is willing to join efforts so that recycling activities and sustainability policies reach a key position in the country's economy.
The second edition, in 2021, in a virtual edition due to the uncertainties caused by Covid-19, continued to show the strength and commitment of recyclers and technology developers for the sector in order to reverse the environmental damage caused by the incorrect disposal of plastic products, approaching recycling as a business and promoting the formation of an ecosystem that favors the circular economy.

In the third edition of the event, in 2022, renowned researchers and professionals from the sector will again be present, presenting and debating topics such as the development of equipment, processes, improvement of the quality of recycled resins, market development, successful cases in plastic recycling.
Recy-Plastech 2022 – International Seminar on Sustainability and Plastics Recycling: analyzing the present and defining the future of plastics recycling activity in Brazil.


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