Recy-Plastech is the first event specially focused on recycling of plastic materials, with a technical content including  the most advanced topics in terms of recovering technology of these materials.

In the first edition in 2019, the event showed how much the production and recovery chain of plastic materials is ready to join forces in order to make  recycling activities reach an outstanding position in the economy of the country, thus remediating decades of inconsistent disposal that have led to the current state.

The debate became alive and in 2021 a second edition of the Recy-Plastech will take place, with the discussion of new solutions for reverting environmental damages that have already been caused by the incorrect disposal of plastic products, proposals for the effective waste management and educative actions in order to path the industry way towards circular economy.

Get in touch with the most recent developments in equipment, processes, peripherals, services and additives in Recy-Plastech 2021 – Advances in recycling technology: a sustainable future for plastics.

This is just the beginning of a long journey for this series of discussions, which will surely go on in new editions of the event. 

Target Audience

  • Professionals from companies in the plastic recycling chain in general;

  • Recyclers;

  • Converters;

  • Waste managers;

  • Users who use packaging in their industries;

  • Industry associations and other opinion makers.