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August 16th

08:30 - 18:00

Panel 1 - Planares (PNRS) – what’s new in government policies and the impacts on plastics recycling

Moderator: Hellen Souza – Revista Plástico Industrial

Progress of public policies for recycling and circular economy
Paulo Teixeira – Executive President of Abiplast 

PET recycling and the complex MSW public policies
Auri Marçon - Executive President of ABIPET

logo Abipet final.png

 Coffee-Break / 9h - 10h20  

Panel 2 - Mechanical recycling - equipments

Moderator: Manoel Lisboa - PlasticXperience

Tailor made PET recycling solutions: an overview
Ederson Sotini - Application Sales Manager, Bottle - Latam


Thermoforming and injection of mixed recycled materials using the Therpol’s biocompatibilizer  
Rui Katsuno - MTF Thermoformers,  Newton Tien - Tsong Cherng and Sidnei Nasser -Therpol

Technological advancements of Equipments for Mechanical Recycling of PIR and PCR
Heled Boffo - Sales manager


  Lunch / 12h - 14h   

Panel 3 – Recycling and Circularity

Moderator: Júlio Harada – PlasticXperience

B-Cycle: solutions for mechanical recycling
Jade Rodriguero Dino - Marketing and Product Management at BASF

Mechanical recycling of polyamides: challenges and trends in technical applications
Rodrigo Pereira  - Specialized Technical Services Representative

Revolutionizing packaging: recyclability & performance

Edgar Veloso - Sales Supervisor in South America

BASF - Logo.tif
BASF - Logo.tif

Recycling and biodegradation as complementary strategies for the circularity of plastics
Bruna Folster  - Vice-president of Eco Ventures


  Coffee-Break / 15h40 - 16h10  

Panel 4 - Global and national recycling scenario

Moderators: Cláudio Marcondes - PlasticXperience and Hélio Wiebeck - POLI/USP

Reverse logistics and global plastics regulation
Fabricio Soler - Lawyer specialized in Environmental Law, Waste Law and ESG

Instituto PNRS.jpg

Challenges and opportunities: the path of the recycling industry in an adverse market condition
Maurício Jaroski -  Head of Circular Economy 

ESG for small companies and a brazilian recycling company joining the UN Global Compact
Priscilla Zacharias – Managing partner

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August 17th

08:30 - 18:00

Panel 5 - Mechanical recycling – Applications and Success Stories

Moderator: Karina Daruich – KDaruich Consultoria

How technology and the chain efforts transform the circularity of the PET bottle
João Alves - Sustainability Manager

Rethinking and redesigning flexible packaging with PCR resin

Lucas Pellenz - Head of New Business

Combining the concepts of circularity, sustainability and synergy in mechanical recycling, from theory to practice
Max Steinhart - Managing partner 

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  Coffee-Break / 10h10 - 10h30  

Waste management and circular economy case studies
Thuany Taves - Executive Business Manager

Certification of recycled plastic material for toys
George Nascimento Coutinho and Mariano de Araujo Bacellar Netto - INNAC

Artboard 1.png
logo Innac.jpg

Circularize Platform: bringing industry and recyclers together
Lucas Silva - Business representative 


CirculaFlex - The value chain looking for solutions for flexible packaging recycling 
Juliana Seidel - Responsible for the flexible packaging working group in the design sector  


  Lunch / 12h20 - 14h20  

Panel 6 - Recycling credit certificates and the recycling chain structuring

Moderator: Bruno Igel – Wise Plásticos

Recircula Brasil: proof of the plastic circularity
Tathiane Perego - Coordinator of Recircula Brasil project

How recycling credit certificates can boost new solutions for the circularity of plastic
Caio Trogiani  - Operation Manager at eureciclo 

logo horizontal grande - wix.png

Organizational culture: how to avoid greenwhasing
Gui Marback - Managing partner and head of organizational culture

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  Coffee-Break / 15h40 - 16h10  

Panel 7 – Overcoming challenges in plastic recycling

Moderator:  Hellen Souza – Revista Plástico Industrial

Chemical recycling: a modular concept
Martin Reich - Greenback 


The transition from PIR (post-industrial-recycled) projects to PCR (post-consumer-recycled) projects in plastic transformation industry
Augusto Dornelles - Head Audit Executive Office & ESG

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Prize draw: courses and books

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