Main Topics

 Panel 1 - Recycled plastics as an alternative supply for the industry 

  • The revaluation of plastic materials as a business model

  • Recyclability of biopolymers

  • Development of new applications to increase plastic recycling rates

  • Evolution of the use of recycled material in the plastics industry

  • Challenges of PS recycling / Benchmarking – an overview of recycling in Brazil’s neighboring countries;

 Panel 2 - Mechanical recycling – advances towards higher quality recycled plastics 

  • The state of the art in bottle-to-bottle recycling

  • Increased recycling of small, low-density plastic granules

  • A technology that calculates the recyclability index of cosmetic bottles

  • Technologies to improve the quality and increase the applications of recycled plastics

  • Crushing and grinding: the starting point for good quality recycled plastics

  • Washing: what to look out for to get good quality recycled plastics

 Panel 3 - Chemical recycling – an overview of advances 

  • The new recycling centers and education campaigns for recycling

  • Chemical recycling technology

  • Advanced plastic recycling

 Panel 4 – Success stories in plastic recycling 

  • Plastic scraps turn into ecological tiles

  • 100% recycled plastic films in high-performance applications

  • Recycling of car parts: fuel tanks and car bumpers return to the production cycle

  • Reverse logistics of plastics used in electronics

  • Reverse logistics of empty crop protection products 

  • Recycling coffee capsules

Panel 5 – Sustainability and circular economy


  • Compostable biopolymers, an increasingly viable alternative;

  • ESG policies and increased recycled plastic in packaging;