Main topics

Circular economy and sustainability:

1) Changing the Plastic Materials reputation

  • The new plastic economy and the ESG policies

  • Circular movement

  • Plastic Cooperation Network

2) Investment in renewable energies - cost reduction and image improvement

3) Pandemic challenges – Decontamination and management of solid waste management  - Cases

4) Accelerating programs for circular economy;

5) Digital Solutions/ 4.0 Industry

  • Traceability system

  • Digital technologies in circular economy / blockchain

6) E-waste revaluation chain

7) Recycling of pesticide containers - a success story

Mechanical recycling – the most direct route to the New Plastic Economy

1) Styrofoam is recyclable. How to promote your recycling?

2) Challenges of recycling flexible plastic

3) PET recycling and bottle-to-bottle system

4) PVC recycling

5) Screening and sorting of waste – cutting-edge technology and successful cases


Meeting the expectations of recycling companies and brand owners

1) Ways of connecting the dots in the value chain

2) Brand owner stories

3) Automotive Industry: The Senaplas Seal of Acceptance

4) Recycled polycarbonate filament for 3D printing

5) Additives: how to improve the quality of recycled material

6) Circular economy programs for cleaning product packaging companies


Chemical and bioplastic recycling

1) Concept of chemical recycling and the impact on resin supply

2) Increase in supply of bioplastics in Brazil

3) International certification for the use of raw material from renewable sources

4) Bioplastics: the cost-benefit balance